Joovy Room Playard Review (Plus, A Joovy Giveaway!)

Joovy Family GearIf you read this blog on any sort of regular basis then you already know we’re big fans of Joovy Family Gear. I’ve personally tested several of their products, including the 3-in-1 Cocoon stroller and the Kooper umbrella stroller, and have never been disappointed. They continue to amaze me with both their products and their exceptional customer service.

I recently had the opportunity to try out one of Joovy’s newer model products – the new Room playard. I won’t mention the brand playard I had previously used with my son but I will say it was a pretty nice one…and yet it still pails in comparison to Joovy’s new Room.

Joovy Room PlayardI won’t lie, when the playard first arrived I was pretty much dreading putting it together. I’m pushing 8 months pregnant and can clearly recall what a hassle putting together our old one was. Needless to say, the package sat by our front door for two days. When I finally decided to get started, I was surprised at how much easier this one was to put together. Set-up for just the playard took all of about 1 minute. I spent the the next 15 reading directions to be sure I properly secured the bassinet, changing station and parent organizer. No screws were required for assembly, which was great, and now that I know how to put everything together it would probably take less than 10 minutes to do so.

The playard is so pretty! I love the sleek, modern look it has and the vibrant color – we choose the orange but it’s also available in black and blue.Joovy BassinetAs I said before, the playard includes a bassinet, changing station and parent organizer. The organizer is the largest available on a playard. With 6 huge compartments and 3 smaller ones on top, you can store up to 9 pounds of nursery items and accessories. The removable changing station features a vinyl top which makes for easy cleaning and, it also has four large pockets on the side for even more storage! In addition, the full-sized bassinet is capable of holding an infant up to 15 pounds and also comes with an uber soft 100% cotton sheet.

Joovy Room

But that’s not all…

The playard also comes with a built-in MP3 (iPod) jack and speaker which allows you to play any tune that you’d like for your little one. What’s really great about this, in my opinion, is that it eliminates the need to buy a baby sound machine. If you wanted to play white noise, all you would have to do is find a white noise MP3 to download. The same goes for nature sounds, nursery ryhmes or rock-n-roll! I’m willing to bet you could even find kid’s audio books to download and play if you’re baby enjoys a good reading. The side of the playard has a small pocket beside the MP3 panel to store your player close so there’s no loose wires. The panel also includes an integrated music option as well as sleep mode and a nightlight that works inside the bassinet or playard. It’s all very convenient and one of my favorites features of the new Room.

After I put the Room together I made the comment to my husband, “The only thing this playard doesn’t have is wheels!” Except, I was wrong. The playard does have wheels! There are two wheels are on one end of it and I just hadn’t noticed them at first.

Tear down. Yes, I actually had to disassemble the playard after I put it up. Why? Well one, the baby isn’t here yet, and two I put the thing together in the living room never considering it wouldn’t fit through the doorway…not that I ever expected it would, I just didn’t think about it! Lucky for me, assembly was much simpler than I’d anticipated and as you can imagine, tear-down was even easier! I’d say it took around 5 minutes or less to disassemble and pack-up the playard. But what’s really impressive is that I was able to fit everything except the changing station inside the heavy-duty carrying case that came with it!



No surprise here, I love the new Joovy Room and would certainly recommend it to parents in the market for an all-in-one playard. It’s is a great alternative for families with limited space or set-ups at grandma’s house. You can purchase the playard from for $269.99. Don’t need the bassinet or changing station? Check out the Room2 or Room 2 Ultralight.


Joovy is hosting a giveaway right now for one of their new Room playards! Visit the link below for details and to enter.

Joovy Room Giveaway

Do you own any of Joovy’s products? Which is your favorite?

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