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Big W is a website based out of Australia that also has multiple locations to visit if you live in the area. They offer free nationwide shipping on small/standard orders over $50, as well as a layaway (layby) plan to suit your needs. They cover a variety of items from baby, electronics, health and beauty, to toys. Since the holidays are approaching, I’d like to talk about some of the toys at Big W that made my children’s wish lists.

Christmas is coming, believe it or not, and it’s time to begin brainstorming on what to get the little ones in your life. I am fortunate because my 2 older children are very into “tech” stuff, so for me, it’s easy to buy for them. Every time my 8 year old sees a commercial I hear “Ooooh that’s what I want for my birthday”, even though his birthday already passed in May.

My 8 yr old is very into running around and playing outside with his friends. If he isn’t outside riding his bike, he’s outside skateboarding. He also loves conducting Nerf gun fights with his friends in the neighborhood, and sometimes my 13 year old will join in. If you have boys that are into things like Nerf, Big W carries a great variety of Nerf guns and accessories. We have so many Nerf guns. There was a time when my older boy “needed” a new gun for every holiday and birthday. We have small Nerf guns like the Nerf Dart Tag Speedswarm which they love because you can buy jerseys in which the velcro tipped darts will stick to them in battle with friends. For my son’s last birthday he received the Nerf N-Strike RaiderRapid Fire CS-35. That thing is a beast! It shoots out the darts in rapid fire succession. I had to laugh when I saw how fast they came flying out.

If you don’t have children that are into Nerf guns, Big W toys also carries another favorite of my sons….Legos! If I had a dime for each time Andrew tells me which Lego set he wants next, I’d be rich! We have so many bins of Legos, its ridiculous. I am sure that if you are a parent and you are reading this, you more than likely have a child who plays with Legos. We have things like the Lego police station, Lego passenger plane, buckets of just Lego pieces, Lego mini figures, Lego houses and we even have a Lego Creationary game which is a really fun family game. I think that Legos are a great toy for kids of any age. Older kids enjoy coming up with things on their own to build, and younger kids get the hand/eye coordination of snapping the pieces together. My son will even use You Tube to learn how to build things. Last week he learned online how to build a Lego toilet!

Check out Big W for your birthday or holiday needs. They are sure to have something for everyone there. Having a hard time deciding? Get a gift card. You can never go wrong with a gift card!

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