Pumpkin Pound cake with Pumpkin Buttercream frosting!

Fall is here!! I don’t know about you but I LOVE the cooler weather, and I LOVE pumpkin!!

I was craving something pumpkin the other day, so while surfing Pinterest, I stumbled upon 2 different recipes that made drool form at the corners of my mouth, and I am not lying!

I finally got around to making this pumpkin pound cake yesterday, and when it was done, I thought it deserved much more than just a regular dusting of powdered sugar. So, I went back to my trusty Pinterest boards and found yet another pumpkin recipe that I pinned that just so happened to have a frosting that you smear onto it when cooled. I thought “BINGO!” and so I combined the 2 recipes to form this beautiful cake that you see before your eyes here. The frosting recipe that I used is this one here from the A Kitchen Addiction blog. She has a lovely bread that goes with it, but I decided on just the frosting. I did not do the caramel drizzle because I was much too hungry to stand by the stove waiting on it to cook. LOL!!

pumpkin pound cake

The cake is VERY moist. My husband was surprised. Right away he said “This is going to be dry” and ha ha ha, it wasn’t! I baked it for 60 minutes and then let it cool for about 10 before turning it out onto this rack where I let it sit for a few hours before making the frosting. You don’t want to frost a hot cake, the frosting will melt and become a drippy mess! The frosting is a nice blend of pumpkin and cinnamon. It’s just delish!!

Do you love pumpkin too, or are you more of an apple person? I plan on trying a homemade applesauce recipe sometime soon that you make in the crockpot!

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Rhiana is an author and reviewer for One Little Mister. She is a 36 year-old stay at home mother to FIVE children ages newborn - 13 years-old. She is a natural parenting and breastfeeding advocate. Her interests included blogging, natural parenting, cloth diapering, cooking and baking.


  1. Oh, I love how you paired the frosting with a pumpkin pound cake!

    • I hope you don’t mind! I plan on making this bread too, but I had my heart set on the pound cake (I am pregnant, it was a craving LOL) that buttercream, let me tell you…oh my gosh! My hubby even loves it and he’s not a sweets guy. I can see myself using it for cupcakes too!!

  2. Audra Lockhart says:

    I love trying new recipes and this looks amazing!! I will have to try!

  3. judy gardner says:

    oh my gosh, i looove pumpkin anything and this sounds sooo good! i was just talking about making pumpkin rolls for Thanksgiving this year but this sounds better. pumpkin pundcake AND pumpkin icing? goodness gracious i cant wait to find that reicpe and make it!

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