Operation Wonderland: Amazing Christmas Lights and Tips for Hanging Them!

Christmas time…eeek!! Hands down my absolute fa la la la faaaaavorite time of the year. la la la la. I can’t get enough of it. From the festivities and family time to the shopping, eating and caroling, I am all for it! And with Christmas, comes Christmas lights!! Beautiful houses decked out and lit up with dozens and dozens of bright, sparkly, glistening Christmas lights. Until this year, I’d been only a gawker….never a gawkee. But that’s going to chance this year because come hell or high water my husband is getting his behind outside and hanging some dang Christmas lights for me and the kiddos! Since it’ll be our first real year of decorating the house, I decided I should probably create a list of tips to help him out….and of course share it with you guys!

Operation Wonderland: in effect.

Tips for hanging Christmas Lights:

So, some things you might want to consider if you want to create your own winter wonderland: First off, I hear it’s best to do your planning and pre-hang hardware before the weather changes and it’s gets all wet and cold for safety and comfort reasons but…well, it’s a little late for that so grab a jacket and make sure you have a dry ladder. Next you’ll want to map out the perimeter of your potential wonderland. Grab a measuring tape, measure the dimensions of the areas you want to decorate and then go make sure you’ve got enough lights to cover the space. Using last year’s lights? You should probably plug them in and make sure they’re still working. If you’ve got a dud, change it out. Check your wires to be sure there are no cuts or breaks in them….we don’t want our wonderland going up in flames! Buying new lights? Consider shorter strings with male and female ends so that if a set blows, you have less to replace and change out. (And even if you are using lights from last year, you’re probably going to want to buy more…you can never ever have too many Christmas lights!) White or color? Up to you but apparently if you have children, color is the way to go. If you still decide to go with white, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Next you’ll want to make sure that you have the proper light hanging clips for your house….you want lots of lights but don’t want to tear your house up trying to accomplish this. You can purchase little plastic light hanging clips that will not only make your job a whooole lot easier, it will keep the lights secure and neat atop your house. Got your extension cords yet? Well, go get them. But before you plug them in you’re going to need to calculate your bulb wattage to ensure that you don’t overload your extension cord or your outlet or blow a fuse in your lights. To calculate power wattage….I’ll leave this one to the pros, just go to this site and it’ll do it for you….but be sure to come right back! OK, finally we’re ready to hang some lights! Woo-hoo! Hang em’ up and plug em’ in! Then grab your camera, take a picture, come link up in the comments below and show me your gorgeous winter wonderland! Pleeeease!

Since my wonderland isn’t done just yet I thought we could admire some other people’s grand work!

Christmas Lights

source: http://www.ratestogo.com/blog/best-christmas-light-displays/

Christmas Lights

source: http://www.evilgeniuses.ca/ajr/lights-camera-awesome.html

Christmas Lights

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Christmas Lights

source: http://ryanpanos.tumblr.com/post/2417902582/outlandish-and-awesome-christmas-lights-in-toronto

Christmas Lights

source: http://cherylholds.com/category/fun/

Christmas Lights

source: http://www.blogto.com/city/2010/12/outlandish_and_awesome_christmas_lights_in_toronto/

Um, wow. I’m like 80% sure that mine won’t be quite that extravagant but maybe I can get an A for effort or at least a B- or something. We shall see…

Don’t forget, link up in the comments! I really want to see your wonderlands! And if they’re really awesome I’ll RT and share your links!

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