DIY orange infused vinegar

Yes, browsing Pinterest again and I’ve been busy pinning DIY/natural cleaning recipes!

I came across this one for a DIY orange infused vinegar. Vinegar is very good for cleaning, and as you know, it smells terrible! What a great way to get the power of an orange cleaner and vinegar in one item, not to mention cheap!

I decided to make some smoothies the other day for hubby and I and I thought “Hey! I have oranges going into the smoothie. I can take the peels and make the orange vinegar!”

I peeled the oranges and placed the peels into the mason jar and then filled the jar with white vinegar and put a lid on it. I am going to let it sit for 2 weeks to get really “orangey” smelling. After taking the peels out, I will pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and then I will have myself some yummy smelling window cleaner!

DIY orange infused vinegar

DIY orange infused vinegar

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