My pregnancy countdown! 9.5 weeks to go!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that my pregnancy is already nearing an end!! I can’t lie, I am a bit relieved! The beginning of this pregnancy was terrible. I was nauseous up til maybe week 20, but never threw up. Now that I am 29 weeks along, I am feeling great- aside from gaining a TON of weight, having bulging veins in my legs, and now the baby’s movements are not so gentle anymore!

This is definitely our last baby as the hubs went for the “snip snip” last month (and all went well with that, thank goodness!) so I am having fun shopping for him (yes, its a boy and of course I had like NO boy clothes!).

I had a little trip down memory lane while looking at my Facebook photos.  I have taken a picture pretty much every week so that I could document the pregnancy, and now looking at them, I am having an “OMG” moment. I can’t believe how much weight I’ve gained and how different I look!!

Here is a picture of myself at 9 weeks 5 days pregnant:

9 weeks

9 weeks 5 days pregnant

And here is a picture of me at 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant:

28 weeks

28 weeks 4 days pregnant

What do I miss the most now that I am pregnant? Well, right now I miss seeing my toes! It’s very difficult to paint my toe nails, and the hubby won’t do it for me.  I also miss running and working out. When I became pregnant, I found out that I had a subchorionic hematoma, which is basically a blood clot near the placenta. Given my miscarriage history prior to this pregnancy, I was advised by my OB to not run or do anything that may cause bleeding. I did have a few spotting incidences, but it was nothing major, and thankfully its all over and the hematoma is gone.

Just recently I had the gestational diabetes test and I am glad to report that I passed! Now I am on track to make bi-weekly OB visits, and on January 28th I will be having a scan done to see approx. how big baby boy is. I am really hoping that they tell me that he’s 40 lbs because I’ve already gained 50 lbs and then I won’t have that much to lose! LOL

My goal after I have the baby is to heal from the c-section and begin running again to get back into shape. I have set a goal to run at least 3  5K races this year, and next month I will be registering for one that I want to run in November! I literally ran my butt off last year to get into shape before getting pregnant. I met my weight loss goal and was so proud of myself. Then about 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant- go figure right!? I am more than confident that I will succeed again, and now I have my whole life to get back into “hot mama” shape since I am no longer having babies.

Here is a picture just 3 weeks before finding out I was pregnant. I was at my sister’s wedding. I will be using this black and white dress for inspiration to get me motivated!


Pre-Pregnancy Picture


I am enjoying this pregnancy and will miss being pregnant again but now I can enjoy life with my husband and my babies! I will try to update regularly on the remainder of my pregnancy, and coming up in March and April, I will be running product reviews on several cloth diapers and baby items! I have to wait for the little guy to arrive before I can test those things out! If you are a cloth diapering mama, stay tuned for my next post entitled “Cloth Diapers: My obsession” which will be posted in the next few days.

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