The One Where I Laugh At a Crying Baby

It’s probably frowned upon to laugh at your own child and it’s probably even less acceptable to laugh at them while they’re upset. If so, then it’s definitely not okay to laugh at your child while they’re upset and also record the entire thing. And certainly terrible to upload the video to your blog.

Oh well. We can’t all be stellar parents all of the time.

My son’s new thing is to spit and blow raspberries every time he gets really ticked off. His daddy and I can’t help but crack up every time he does it, because really – where did he get the idea that that was an appropriate response to anger? Who spits when they’re crying?

Garrett is Spitting Mad!

Disclaimer: I assure you that all of my child’s needs were met at the time that this video was recorded. He was just really tired of being in the car, and he detests wearing his snowsuit.

About Ashley

Ashley is the newest writer for One Little Mister. She is a 25 year old preschool teacher and first time mother to son Garrett. Her interests include breastfeeding, crafting, researching child growth and development topics until all hours of the night, drinking lots of coffee, and talking about cricket on twitter.

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