Our Pull Ups Potty Training Party!

pull ups partyWe recently held our in-home Pull Ups First Flush potty training party that I’ve been telling you guys about for the past few weeks.

Who knew a potty training party could be so fun!? The kid’s had a blast and the parents got to share potty training tips and get a few goodies!

potty training party

The Party

We had a total of 11 guests, unfortunately not everyone showed up. But of those 11, 5 of them were potty training “guests of honor” and they really got a kick of the party (several of the parents did not want their child’s pictures put up online and I respected those wishes). We had a few snacks for the kids and let them go wild with the hats and noise makers while we checked out the other items in the party packs.

Pulls Ups sent me 6 packs of Pull Ups, size 2t-3t, in the Cars print and 10 party packs for our guests. Each party pack contained a potty training chart, big kid stickers, party hats & blowers, a coupon book with several awesome coupons in them and a gift certificate for a free photo book which was something the parents loved!

potty training party

After we scoped out the potty pack goodies I pulled out the Pull Ups and the other parents and I checked out some of the great features. The Cars design is made for boys but both genders seemed to equally like it. There were 2 different designs in each pack, one with the some of the graphics from the Cars movie on it and one with Lighting McQueen on it. Each Pull Up features a “wetness indicator” design in the middle which becomes fully visible when it gets wet and helps you know that your child has used the Pull Up. My favorite feature is the tear-away velcro-style side tabs; not all training pants have this feature and believe me, it is extremely handy for the younger trainers who are just starting out and will actually use the Pull Up more often than the older kiddos. Have you ever pulled down a training pant full of poo? It’s not fun nor clean, take my word for it.potty training party

Our Experience with Potty Training

My youngest, Walker, is brand new to this. He is 16 months old and just 2 weeks ago showed no interest in potty training whatsoever. Then I started putting the Pull Ups on him…just to see how he reacted. In just the past week he has gained a ton of interest: he is now saying “tee-tee and poo-poo” (haha) and the Pull Ups have allowed him to “feel” when he does one or the other because they don’t instantly soak up like a normal diaper does. He is very, very interested in watching his big brother (who is 4) go potty now and seems to be stoked that we’re letting him use the big potty like “bubba” does. We use a small seat placed on top of the toilet simply because that was how our oldest wanted to do it when he was training….if we find Walker shows more interest in the floor potty then we’ll switch to that but for now, he seems to be OK with it. He had his “first flush” this past week and has tee-tee’d in the potty a few times so far. He has not yet indicate beforehand that he has to use the potty but we’re working on it and I really think that wearing the Pull Ups is going to help with that.

potty training party

Some Shared Potty Training Tips

  1. Be sure your child is ready. Some helpful indicators are: child has the ability to stay dry for 1-2 hours during the day, child shows interest when other household members go to the bathroom, child immediately indicates he/she has peed/pooped in their diaper.
  2. Use positive reinforcement rather than negative: don’t punish for your child not using the potty…instead, reward when he/she does.
  3. Keep calm. Accidents happen. There’s no way to avoid them. Do not embarrass or get angry with your child if he/she has an accident…..even if you have to get up at 2am and wash sheets – we’ve all been there!
  4. Bribe them! Haha. OK, so that’s a bit extreme but many parents swear by M&Ms for potty training: 3 for tee-tee, 5 for poo-poo. Be sur to brush those those little teeffies though! (Yeah, I need more adult interaction, haha.)
  5. No pressure. Allow the child to set their own pace and get a “feel” for where their at. My first son wasn’t ready when we first tried to potty train him….a few months later, he basically potty trained himself!
  6. Take breaks & ask often! Little ones get caught up in the moment, they may have to go but they’re too busy with playtime to stop and do so. By taking breaks and asking often you’ll help remind them and get them into the habit of stopping and learning to go potty on their own.

potty training party

Overall we had a great experience. I loved working with Pull Ups and Mom Central and I am excited to see how the next few months go with Walker’s potty training. He’s such a mess, I hope he can slow down long enough for us to get this thing down! I hope that my other guests enjoyed out little party as much as we did.

If you get a chance stop by Pull Ups Facebook page and share your first flush celebration photo or story for a chance to win a trip to Disney World! The contest ends February 28th.

How are you coming along with potty-training your little one (if you currently are)? Please share! We love comments and we read every one! We want to hear your experience, tips, stories..disasters? We’re all ears! (Or eyes?) Either way, tell us below!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to host a party. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

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