What to Do With Old Baby Clothes

It goes without saying that babies go through a lot of clothes. My child is 6 months old and we already have three boxes of outgrown clothing, a dresser busting full of current sized clothing, and I don’t even want to think about the clothing in the next sizes up that I have to go through. (Sooner, rather than later too. This kid is growing like a weed!) And if you’re anything like me, you’re always up for getting more. Hand-me-downs? We’ll take them. Sales? I’m on it. All of this adds up to a major issue… What to do with it all when you’re done with? Well, here’s some ideas.

  • Save them for the next baby
  • Get into the hand-me-down circuit
  • Sell them (to get more money for more clothes, obviously)
  • Get crafty


Garrett's current supply of snugly pajamas

Garrett’s current supply of snugly pajamas

Saving baby clothes

If you know that you’re going to have more children, this is definitely something to consider. Some people consider baby showers for a second (or third, or fourth) child to be a faux pas, and in that case you’d want to be as prepared as possible for your other children. Also, by this point, you’ve got multiple children to feed and clothe, so being a little bit ahead of the game is a luxury.

There are some cons to this plan though. I had a tiny baby boy born in the summer time. What if next time I have a giant baby girl born in the winter? Then most of what I have saved will have been for nothing. Of course, as long as it’s properly stored, (I recommend plastic tubs with locking lids) it can then be used for some of the following options.


I LOVE getting hand-me-downs. I have so many friends who have sons just a bit older than mine that I can pretty much rely on other people’s children’s previous wardrobes as the basis for my child’s. Before a friend of mine moved away, she gave me no less than 8 bags of baby clothes from her three-year-old son – sizes ranging from newborn to 2T as well as baby accessories and gear. Just this last trip to Maine, I met up with a former teacher of mine to get some clothes that her two sons had outgrown… I was shocked when she opened her trunk and revealed SIX garbage bags full of clothes and shoes.

It’s so nice to be able to help out others with clothing. My problem, however, is that I don’t know any baby boys younger than my own!! I have three friends (one of them being my sister) who are currently pregnant, and if any of them are boys, I have tons of clothes for them. If not though, I’ll move on to the next options.

(Also, I get that there are some people out there that would never dress their children in “used” clothing. To them, I say… good for you? I like saving money.)

Selling Baby Clothes

I have some baby clothes that were legitimately NEVER worn. Some even still have the tags on them. It’s not that I didn’t like the clothes. The problem is, my son was due in August and predicted to be a large baby. (His dad was over 10 lbs at birth) So people bought me lots of 0-3 month sized summer clothes. Then my son decided to be born a month early and not grow properly. By the time he actually fit into these clothes, summer was long since past. Also, because he was so tiny, he had trouble keeping himself warm, but it was still summer for Mommy! We ran the air conditioning a lot, and bundled him up in long sleeved outfits even though it was July. Anyways, all of these unused clothing are worth something to someone!

There’s a few different options out there for selling baby clothes. I personally love consignment shops. If you sell at a store, you can get an instant return, but you may only get a fraction of the full value of the clothing. However, most stores will give you more for your clothes if you take it in store credit. Consignment sales generally offer you a higher percentage rate of your sales, as well as increased percentages if you volunteer to help out the sale. They usually also give you an early shopper ticket to get first dibs on the entire sale. (I really want to get in on this this spring.)

Other options for selling baby clothes include local swap and sell groups on facebook, craigslist, and garage and tag sales.

Get crafty

On my last shopping trip with Dan’s mom before she passed away, she jokingly told me that I needed to keep all of the clothes that she’s bought for my son to remember her by when she died. I thought it was silly at the time (in my head hoping that this was going to happen for a very long time) but now it seems like a great idea. However, a box full of baby clothes stashed in the basement doesn’t seem like a very good way to honor her memory and her love for her grandson (and also her love for shopping). One of my next big projects, I think, it’s going to be a baby clothes quilt.

You don’t have to have some big sentimental reason like this to create a memory quilt from your child’s clothing. Just your child’s growth is sentimental reason enough. I’ve pinned some fabulous ideas, instructions, and tutorials for the creation of my baby clothes quilt, which can be seen here – Baby Clothes Quilt Pinterest Board.


What do you do with your old baby clothes?

About Ashley

Ashley is the newest writer for One Little Mister. She is a 25 year old preschool teacher and first time mother to son Garrett. Her interests include breastfeeding, crafting, researching child growth and development topics until all hours of the night, drinking lots of coffee, and talking about cricket on twitter.


  1. I really should get crafy, or sale them, but all our clothes just end up in storage boxes in the attic JUST IN CASE we have another baby of the same gender in the same season and the same size ;)

  2. Jodi DeMay says:

    I have donated most of the baby clothes my kids had but I kept special outfits in a shadow box with some keepsakes.

  3. Rachel A. says:

    I also love getting hand-me-downs! My husband has a coworker with three slightly older boys so the clothes we get are pretty used, but still usable! I have been thinking for a while now how I’d like to get his grandmother to make us a quilt with all of my sons favorite outfits from his first year. Thanks for the link to the pinterest board for inspiration!

  4. Marcia Lee says:

    Thank you for your tips I think that for us passing the clothes on gives us satisfaction. It is so nice when others bless us this way and we like being able to bless others.

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