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For my birthday this past year, Danny bought me a lovely necklace with an adorable owl charm. (My favorite). However, Garrett was born only 11 days later, and I quickly realized that this was not a safe thing for my tiny child to be pulling and gnawing on. So alas, my beautiful owl necklace has been worn just once since then.

I do sometimes like to wear nice little accessories, but whatever I wear on Garrett must be 100% absolutely safe for him. So I found Chewbeads. They are the perfect compromise between style and safety for babies. Chewbeads are amazing!

  • 100% silicone beads (similar to pacifiers and nipples)
  • Soft on babies gums and emerging teeth
  • No BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, metals
  • Easily cleaned with dish soap and water, also dishwasher safe
  • Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety
  • Necklaces are a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing

The moment I opened the package and put my Chewbeads on, Garrett was drawn to them. He immediately wrapped his little hand around one section, and thrust another straight into his drooly little mouth. Definitely a perfect tool to keep him entertained when he insists that I tote him around the house.

Chewbeads sent me the chartreuse Perry necklace, which is one of my favorite colors. They couldn’t have made a better selection for me. They ONLY downfall to this necklace, is that they inevitably get slimy and you’ll end up with a drool spot on your shirt. (See below) However, as a mother of baby, when do you not have SOMETHING unpleasant on your shirt?



Garrett’s teeth haven’t emerged yet, but you can tell they aren’t far off. He gnaws on everything, and he’s been a miserable beast all weekend. Doesn’t want to eat jar food… only real foods fed to him with my fingers. (maybe the firmer texture feels better?) He’s not sleeping well either, which is unusual for him. Up for an hour in the middle of the night. This has happened only one other time in his whole life. (Yes, I know, I’m spoiled. :-D )

Hopefully his teeth make an appearance soon, so we can just get this done and over with! In the meantime, I’m glad there’s products like ChewBeads to help little ones feel better.


You can purchase Chewbeads directly from They not only have necklaces, but also bracelets and teethers. The bracelets make a great reminder for which side you’ve most recently nursed on.


About Ashley

Ashley is the newest writer for One Little Mister. She is a 25 year old preschool teacher and first time mother to son Garrett. Her interests include breastfeeding, crafting, researching child growth and development topics until all hours of the night, drinking lots of coffee, and talking about cricket on twitter.


  1. Kristina says:

    Great review Ashley!!! I hope I luck out someday and get to review great products like this that will help people out!

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