Getting ready for baby! Packing for the hospital!

You’d think that I would be a pro by now being that this is baby #5. But honestly, I’ve just been so consumed with life, things just tend to pass me on by. I can’t remember what I did last week let alone what I packed 3.5 yrs ago for my last birth! One thing that I needed, that I didn’t have any more was a rockin’ diaper bag to put all of baby’s things in!

I am a part owner of a cloth diaper store, so I get the advantage of really cool baby products, and that is where I got my diaper bag as well. I decided on a Ju Ju Be Be Prepared diaper bag. This thing is HUGE!!

Ju Ju Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

Ju Ju Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

Don’t you love the pattern that I picked out? I wanted to be sure I was able to fit all that I needed in there for baby. I was able to also pack my trial sized things for myself like the little shampoo and conditioner, q-tips, hand lotion, toothpaste, etc… that I need to pack for myself. I shoved all of those items in a zip loc bag and put them in the side pocket.

diaper bag

When it came to packing things for baby, I wanted to pack up some cloth diaper for him so that I can begin those in the hospital the day after I have him. I am having a repeat c-section, so I will just be using the disposable diapers on him the first day. In this bag I was able to pack 12 newborn prefitted diapers and 5-6 covers, in addition to 2 outfits for him, my nursing cover, some disposable diaper liners and a few other necessities. Of course the outfits shown here in the pic have been packed and unpacked since I’ve bought other things for him since taking these photos.

diaper bag


diaper bag


It’s so funny because this baby has been packed for about a month, and I am a few days from delivery, still needing to do packing for myself! I have limited maternity pants since this is my last baby, so I’ve packed up some pants, but then found that I needed them, so I’ve had to unpack them, wear them, wash them, and then repack them. Such a royal pain!!

A few other things that I’ve packed for the baby and myself are disposable nursing pads (I don’t think I will need them yet but just in case. I don’t want my washable ones to get lost in the hospital), a burp rag (just because its cute!), some grooming things like a little hair brush, little nail files in case he comes out with long nails, 2 different outfits for hospital pictures and I’ve packed a blanket for him in my suitcase. I don’t even know if we will end up using all or any of these things, but as the name of the diaper bag suggests, “Be Prepared!”

So, that is it. His bag is packed! We will be going in on Friday, March 15th for my c-section. I can’t believe that the day is finally here. I will be getting my rainbow baby! It’s bittersweet since this is our last baby…our tie breaking baby… I have boy,girl,boy,girl right now, so he is the tie breaker! We are so ready to meet him! I will be sure to post his “intro” post once we are all settled in, so that you can meet him as well!

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Rhiana is an author and reviewer for One Little Mister. She is a 36 year-old stay at home mother to FIVE children ages newborn - 13 years-old. She is a natural parenting and breastfeeding advocate. Her interests included blogging, natural parenting, cloth diapering, cooking and baking.


  1. Can’t wait to meet him. Good luck to you!!

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