Origami Owl with Kari Snelbaker – Review and Giveaway

origami owl living locket

Since the first time I saw these beautiful living lockets from Origami Owl, I knew I wanted – no, NEEDED, to have one! I adore customized jewelry especially if you can tell a story with it. I think it’s so special to be able to show off a little bit of your life with a beautiful piece of jewelry. All of the jewelry that I wear on a regular basis has some sort of emotional significance to me, so I knew that my locket would too. I think this is the case for a lot of people, which is why Origami Owl is such a hit!

When I learned the story behind the company, which you can read here, I knew that it was a company that I wanted to be involved with. Not only is the jewelry inspiring, but the founder herself, Bella, is a incredibly inspiring young woman. And anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with owls, so the name alone got me anyways. :-)

I decided that I wanted to get involved anyway I could (besides being a designer, because as much as I’d LOVE to, I just don’t have the time right now!!) and that’s how I met Kari. Here’s what Kari has to say about herself and Origami Owl.

I’ve been with Origami Owl since the first week of January. I had signed up to be a designer in late September but there was a waitlist, due to an overwhelming demand to join their company within the first year of business that they want to ensure that they aren’t getting too big, too fast and want to keep their current customers happy prior to enrolling more designers. There is still a waitlist but fortunately it’s not as long of a wait, but if anyone is interested in joining, I suggest doing so immediately as to reserve their ‘spot in line’ and there’s no obligation to go through with it afterward, should they change their mind.
I chose to join Origami Owl when I first saw someone selling it at a vendor event in September. That very day I joined the waitlist and knew immediately that it was something that I’d love to do! I used to manage a retail jewelry store but then gave that up to become a stay at home mom. I knew this would be perfect for me so that I could still stay at home with my girls and set my own schedule in bringing in an extra income, all while having fun! My girls are newly turned 5 and 4 years old. Their names are Ella and Sage. They are just as obsessed with Origami owl as I am, and we’re benefitting from that by being able to teach life lessons in earning themselves charms!

I decided to have Kari design a locket for me from her own collection of charms, and she did a remarkable job!

origami owl living locket

My living locket contains the following:


Teachers Apple

Gold Puffy Heart

Bright Eyed Owl

July Birthstone Boy (this is similar to the one I have, but mine is retired)


ChainSilver Ball Station Chain (an Origami Owl original!)

TagLetter A Tag

LocketMedium Silver Locket

You can also add dangles and plates in the back of the locket. There’s so many fun combinations and stories you can tell with your locket. My locket shows a lot of different elements about myself, as you can tell – my career as a teacher, my son, my fiance, and my love of nature (and owls :-P ). With so many different elements to choose from your locket, you can tell any story you want! I intend to purchase many more charms and change out the elements in my locket from time to time to tell different stories. My late mother-in-law would have adored Origami Owl, so I know I want to make a locket in her memory.

I also must say that the presentation of your necklace when it comes in the mail is exceptional! A pretty purple box came in the mail that said “Today…. Happiness has found you.” And inside was an adorable little teal take-out box containing all of the components of my locket! The actual locket and chain were inside a little box, but the charms came in small case resembling a fortune cookie! I wish I had taken a picture of it, but Garrett snatched that up real quick and toted it off somewhere. Silly kid.

Kari has so generously offered to give one of my readers a $50 gift certificate to make their very own living locket. I’m so excited to be able to work with Kari on this awesome giveaway and I can’t wait to see who wins and what the story they decide to share! Enter via the Rafflecopter below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway



About Ashley

Ashley is the newest writer for One Little Mister. She is a 25 year old preschool teacher and first time mother to son Garrett. Her interests include breastfeeding, crafting, researching child growth and development topics until all hours of the night, drinking lots of coffee, and talking about cricket on twitter.


  1. I would go with the MEDIUM SILVER LOCKET WITH CRYSTALS design.

  2. mommasbacon says:

    Definitely the medium silver locket. Adorable.

  3. Gold Puffy Heart. Love it!

  4. Oh these are super cute. I would choose the Medium Silver Living Locket™ with Crystals for sure but if they had the Matte Black Living Locket® with Crystals in medium I would choose that one.

  5. These are beautiful!

    I would probably go with the Medium Silver locket, With the camera charm to show my love for photography, The letter J for my son Jaiden, The boy January birthstone, and a plate that says believe just because in today’s world there are so many possibilities of the things we could do for our self’s, we just need to believe we can do whatever it is we wanna do!!

  6. I would like any of them!

  7. Darlene Owen says:

    I would like the LARGE SILVER LOCKET with the dog, hummingbird and butterfly charm.

  8. Melissa P. says:

    I really want the Large Matte Black Living Locket with Crystals. However, the chain I want does not come in black. So, right now my locket would consist of the Gold Rolo Custom Chain, Large Gold Locket with Crystals, the large gold plate “believe” plate or the “faith” plate. I haven’t decided. The charms would be the Initial Letters for JESUS and the Gold Crystal Cross, Silver February Birthstone Boy Charm, Ichthys Fish, and Mom Heart In Silver.

  9. one charm i would get in my locket is the SILVER JANUARY BIRTHSTONE BOY CHARM and another would be the SILVER AUGUST BIRTHSTONE GIRL CHARM

  10. Wendy R. says:

    I would for sure start with the Large Silver Living Locket™ with Crystals!

  11. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    I really want the Chocolate locket and the Rolo Chain.

  12. I would definitely include the support the troops ribbon for my hubby

  13. Birthstones representing my babies!

  14. I like the medium silver locket!

  15. Maureen says:

    One of the charms that I would love to get is the coral plumeria charm!


  16. I would love to get the Artists Palette, that charm makes me think of the t-shirts I paint for my husband. <3

  17. Nikki Elkins says:

    love the large silver locket. Would definately get an elephant charm and many more

  18. Jessica says:

    I love the elephant charm!!

  19. judy gardner says:

    since i already have a locket, i would get a pllate and some charms and maybe a tagged charm

  20. Lorinda says:

    Thanks for the giveaway offer! I like the silver apple charm and the tree of life dangle. Love these lockets!

  21. tanya devenney says:

    i luke their cross charm and the initial one. thanks for the giveaway

  22. I’d start with the large silver locket and get the June and July silver birthstone boy charms. I’d probably also get the letter P tag.

  23. Kristin says:

    I would do one of two things… either add to my already existing Origami Owl ensemble or I would use it to get my sister hooked. :)

  24. Jodi D. says:

    I would get probably the mom charm and 2 birthstones (October and may) then the purple ribbon awareness charm even though its for pancreatic cancer it also symbolizes Chiari Malformation and me and my 2 children suffer from it.

  25. I would love the medium silver locket.

  26. Amanda Boerst says:

    I’d get the Medium Silver Locket with the April Birthstone boy charm and the June birthstone heart (for my wedding month). I’m sure I’d add more :)

  27. Dog bone charm. I love my dog charm n dog paw charm for sure! Love these!!!!

  28. Jayme H. says:

    I would start off with a large silver charm with crystals and at least a Z charm (son’s initial).


  29. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d get the Mini Silver Living Locket with Crystals with the Silver Double Angel Wing Charm and the June and November heart birthstones

  30. I really want to make a Florida themed locket because I miss home, and Arizona is as different from Florida as you can get. I would definitely get the sanddollar, sea horse, palm tree, coral colored plumeria and a March birthstone.

  31. I would probably get the silver locket with my daughter’s March birthstone. She would be so happy!

  32. Sarah K says:

    either a large silver or gold locket.

  33. I would love to build a living locket – these are so cool.

  34. Dayna Jaco says:

    I would get the green lymphoma awareness ribbon because green also represents cerebral palsy and I have a son who was born with cp.

  35. I would get a big locket with those crystals all around it.

  36. i like the mediumsilver with the enamal owl charm-cute!!

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