Garrett’s Monster Themed Third Birthday Party

2015-07-19 15.39.39

I can’t believe my baby is THREE years old! He’s grown to be such a sweet, smart, totally awesome little dude, and I wanted to throw him a totally awesome birthday party. He’s still really into trucks, like he was last year, but I wanted to something different and challenge my birthday party skills JUST […]

Look Before You Lock with Pop-A-Lock


Pop-A-Lock – North America’s Largest Locksmith Network – Partners with to Prevent Child Heatstroke Fatalities this Summer with the “” Campaign (LAFAYETTE, LA) – June 10, 2015 – With the start of summer just around the corner, safety thoughts turn to keeping loved ones cool in the radically hot weather and high humidity conditions. […]

Ten Great Ways to Encourage Children to Engage in Independent Play

Little girl playing with dolls.

There comes a time when we need our children to entertain themselves no matter how completely awesome we find spending time with them. The reason may be to keep them safe as we cook or even convincing them to engage in independent play. Well, relax because I have found a few ways to encourage children […]

Upgrade Your Guest Beds For the Holidays


  I recently wrote a review and am currently hosting a giveaway for a travel crib for the little ones in our families. We usually carry their beds along with us when we travel, but where do we adults end up sleeping? If you’re lucky, you have an extra bedroom for your family to sleep […]

40 Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas


Tips for Traveling with Toddlers


  Tomorrow we shall embark on yet another trek north to the homelands of Maine. We’ve done it a couple times since Garrett was born, and each time gets simultaneously easier and more challenging. We’re learning which exits have the best bathrooms and convenience stores, and now that he’s weaned, I don’t have to coordinate […]

Foods and tips that may help boost milk production


The early days of breastfeeding can be stressful. I know that with each baby I nurse, I find myself always doubting my supply eventhough there is more than likely nothing wrong. While browsing the internet, I was reading various articles on breastfeeding topics that I just randomly Google, and I’ve compiled this list of foods […]

Spaghetti Hot Dogs – Kid Approved Pinterest Recipe


There’s some ideas you see and you just know they’re from Pinterest. This is one of them. Everyone who has a kid, knows a kid, or wants a kid in the future probably has this recipe pinned. It’s pretty much classic Pinterest. You know you’ve seen it. Hot dogs with spaghetti noodles COOKED INSIDE. It’s […]

What to Do With Old Baby Clothes

Garrett's current supply of snugly pajamas

It goes without saying that babies go through a lot of clothes. My child is 6 months old and we already have three boxes of outgrown clothing, a dresser busting full of current sized clothing, and I don’t even want to think about the clothing in the next sizes up that I have to go […]

12 Tips for Breastfeeding Success

1.Do not allow small setbacks to force you to quit. I had to supplement with formula for three weeks when Garrett was a newborn, due to jaundice and poor weight gain. I have talked to other moms who had to do the same and subsequently quit breastfeeding. It’s a common myth, I’ve found, that babies […]

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