Breastfeeding and Work: Making It Work

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Once again we are celebrating World Breastfeeding Week.  This year the theme for the week Breastfeeding and Work: Let’s Make it Work!  To that end, I have spent some time checking out some products that make breastfeeding away from home or pumping a bit easier.   A Great Pump Whether you are a working mom […]

So Light On Your Feet


  Let me start by setting the record straight.  I hate to wear shoes.  Really, year round I’d rather be bare foot.  But, society dictates that it is socially unacceptable for a woman in her mid thirties to run around town without shoes.  So, for the most part, I compromise and where flip flops.  They […]

Shark Takes a Bite Out of Cleaning


My linoleum floors are the epitome of messiness, with 9 kids, 3 animals, and a husband, it’s a pain to keep them looking relatively clean.  Busting out the mop whenever there is a spill or a smudge is absolutely not option for me.  I jumped at the opportunity to try out Shark PRO Steam and […]

Keep Them Reading All Summer Long


  One of the biggest challenges we may face with our kids during the summer is how to keep them entertained when it is simply too hot to be outside. Sure, there are video games and movies, but what about using this time to expand their minds and keep them on track for a great […]

A Learning Mouse in the House


We all know what absolute sponges kids are for information.  They learn so fast in those early years that many parents find it a constant struggle to keep finding new kid appropriate content to help them continue safely on their learning path.  Fortunately, there is a site made just for this purpose and kids absolutely […]

#Underwareness for 65 Million Like Me


A Taboo Talk I want to  throw a topic out that has too often hidden in the dark recesses of the bathroom.  I want to talk about incontinence.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  As mothers, we talk about everything our kids do and even celebrate those first potty trips with our friends.  But, for some reason […]

Vitamins A Better Way


Fighting SLE Vitamins B12 and D3 are vitamins that are essential to our health.  Unfortunately, these are two vitamins that my body seriously lacks.  It is part of the condition I have known as systemic lupus erythematosus.  Here is a synopsis for those of you who aren’t familiar with this particular disease: lupus attacks the […]

Gifts To Make Any Mom Smile

mothers day

  Once again Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  For many, this means struggling to find the perfect gift for that very special woman in our lives.  Whether you are shopping for your own mom or the mom of your precious little blessings, this guide is a great way to find something she will […]

Dreft The Right Care for Every Phase


  Everyone tells us about the great parts of babies. How soft and sweet they are and how lovely they smell is always discussed. What often is overlooked is how bad they can smell, how much laundry they generate, and how very sensitive their soft skin can be. Thankfully, Dreft has the solution to many […]

JLo Brings New Flirty and Fun Fragrance

JLO Luxe_Deco_JLUXE 1.22.15

Every woman wants a scent that makes her feel amazing.  She wants it to be something young but not childish, yet bold.  She is looking for a fragrance that lets loose her inner wildcat but still comes across as gentle as a kitten.  But, finding a single perfume that does all of these things can […]

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