I’ve posted a lot about Garrett’s eating developments, just because he’s flown through the eating phases faster than I ever imagined he would. We introduced solids at 6 months, and here we are at 10 months and he eats everything we eat (aside from intense allergens like peanuts and shellfish, and big baby no-no’s like honey.) Kid ate half a piece of pizza the other day, and can eat almost an entire grilled cheese sandwich in a sitting!

However, I feel like we didn’t stay on purees for nearly as long as some babies, nor as long as I would have liked. They’re such a great, easy way to introduce baby to the many flavors and textures of fruits and vegetables. I know I certainly don’t keep as much of a variety of fresh produce in my house as I could expose Garrett to by feeding him purees.

We’ve at times purchased pouches for Garrett, if they’re on sale or we’re out and about, but we’ve not used them much; probably because we did exclusively purees for only about two months. When we did use pouches, I would squirt the contents into a bowl or onto a spoon and feed it to Garrett that way. But now he HATES to be fed. I try to do it here and there, so he’ll get used to eating from utensils, but he mostly wants to feed himself. Only recently did it dawn on me to let Garrett just slurp the food straight out of the pouch. He LOVED it!!


Since Garrett is a pouch pro all of the sudden, Ella’s Kitchen so kindly gave us several pouches to try out. We LOVE Ella’s Kitchen. They’re 100% organic and they’re made for baby’s like Garrett who like to be hands on while they eat. They make a ton of different baby foods, like single ingredient first step pouches, breakfast pouches, fruit and rice blend pouches, step two meal pouches, and baby cookies and nibbly finger bars. We tried out five different pouch flavors:

  • Bananas, Apricots + Baby Rice
  • Carrots, Apples + Parsnips
  • The Peas and Broccoli One
  • Pear + Blueberry Baby Brekkie
  • Sweet potato, Pumpkin, Apples + Blueberries

Garrett loved every single flavor, and even Mommy and Daddy had a taste. We both could have slurped down the entire Bananas, Apricots + Baby Rice pouch. SO delicious!! I loved giving Garrett the Carrots, Apples + Parsnips pouch the most, since really, when will he ever try parsnips?


Yummy Yummy Parsnips

Besides the unique flavors (they also have Spinach, Apples + Rutabagas!), I love that the purees are on the thicker side. Garrett tends to drool out thin, watery purees, and when that texture is in a pouch? Holy mess. There was very little mess with these pouches, even when Garrett tossed and banged them around. He barely even needed a bib, and NONE ended up in his hair! (That’s practically a miracle!)

Ella’s Kitchen products can be purchased at Target, Babies R Us, Walgreen’s, and many local grocery stores.

They’ve also generously offered a ten-pack assortment of pouches for one of our readers! (US only). Enter via the rafflecopter below.


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Ashley has been a writer for One Little Mister since 2013. She is a 20-something year old preschool teacher and first time mother to son Garrett. Her interests include breastfeeding, crafting, planning preschool curriculum until all hours of the night, drinking lots of coffee, and talking about cricket on twitter.

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27 Responses

  1. lisa kay

    very, very tasty Vegetable Bake with lentils
    sounds good

  2. Janet W.

    Would like my grandson to try the peaches + bananas flavor pouch.

  3. amy pugmire

    the purple one, and the bananas and mangos sound great!

  4. Jessica O

    The Red One sounds good! My daughter loves strawberries and bananas!

  5. Samantha G.

    Those are such a great idea–thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Britnie

    I still give these pouches to my 3 year old since he still loves them! My 6 month old is almost ready too!

  7. Breige McBride

    Wow you have taught me so much in one post. I don’t have kids yet so I am guessing that there is a lot of stuff about kids that I don’t know, before this post I didn’t know that baby food pouches existed or that babies can’t have honey, why is that by the way?

    I have an enormous family and there is always someone pregnant or who has just had a baby so I will definately be recommending the Ella’s kitchen pouches to the next new mum or dad in the family :)

    • Ashley

      I’m so glad you found it educational. Feel free to send it anyone you think might also learn something from it! :-)

      Infants can’t have honey due to potential botulism spores in the honey. An older child or person’s gut can handle the bacteria and clear it without a problem, but a young baby’s gut isn’t developed enough and it can cause what’s called infantile botulism and it can be dangerous.

      I actually have an adult friend who really enjoys eating baby food pouches, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be given to a baby!

  8. Darlene Owen

    raspberry, banana and strawberry smoothie

  9. Colleen Maurina

    I would like to try their Pears, Peas and Broccoli flavor.

  10. Pal Raine

    I love the idea, having it on a pouch. Not so messy isn’t it? Considering this age are difficult to feed.

  11. Nikole H.

    I’d love to try the Ella’s 2 Meals — those weren’t around when my oldest was eating Ella’s!

  12. Jen H

    I’d love to try the purple one smoothies! My son would love it

  13. Amanda Alvarado

    Dd loves The Red One and the Mangoes. She doesn’t like the Nibbly Fingers though! LOL

  14. Jenn McClearn

    my kids would love to try the purple one :)

  15. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    the Purple One 😉
    My grandsons would love these! Thanks for the giveaway.