• New rules will be set on each giveaway for date ending and who it is open to.
  • All contests are void where prohibited by law.
  • If you win and laws or rules prohibit your prize from being shipped to your address, another winner will be selected immediately.
  • Any taxes & customs (if applicable) are the winner’s responsibility.
  • No contest has any purchase needed to enter or increase your odds of winning.
  • Entries are reviewed by admin and subject to approval.
  • Tweet/FB Share can be done daily unless otherwise noted.
  • In order to tweet or share through Facebook you must have an already-established, public account with at least 30 followers/friends. Do NOT make an account just to tweet/share a contest! If you are caught using a fake/private account, ALL of your entries will be deleted, no exceptions. It takes a long time to shuffle through hundreds of comments to delete entries because someone used a fake account. Please don’t.
  • Negative, harassing or prohibited entries will be deleted and you will receive a written warning.  On your 2nd time, your IP address is recorded and set in our BAN list which will then hide this site from you.
  • Make sure you leave a VALID email address in the field. I will not search beyond to find you.
  • All winners will have 48 hours to respond to the winning notification email.
  • One Little Mister does NOT share or sell any emails.  *If a client wants use of the emails entered, I will disclose that on the giveaway BEFORE you ever enter.*

Rules are enforced by the creator and owner of this site.  If you have questions about these rules, please email the admin.

Please read our disclosure notice, terms of use, and privacy policy for more information pertaining to giveaways.

Special thanks to Angela over at Mommy PR for allowing me use some of the information from her contest rules section.