We all know how damaging the sun can be, especially to our skin. We do our best to protect our children from damaging UV rays. We put slather them in sunscreen and put hats on their heads. Many of us even dress in specially decided SPF clothing to protect their delicate little bodies.

But how many of us put sunglasses on them? And I’m talking about cheap grocery store sunglasses… those are toys. I’m talking about glasses that you KNOW have adequate UV protection?


I didn’t think so. And to tell you the truth, before now, I hadn’t really thought about protecting my son’s eyes from the sun. Like many moms, I assumed any sunglasses I picked up would protect him since they’re dark. Thanks to Real Kid Shades, I now know better.

Real Kid Shades provide 100% UV-A/UV-B protection. They even have wrap around frames to protect from peripheral light. Theses glasses are shatterproof and impact-resistant to protect your children’s safety as well as their sight. This is definitely a company that takes your child’s health very seriously, but they do make a VERY cute product. Evidence?


Garrett wearing “My First Shades” in Navy.


Hello, ladies!

At (almost) 7 months old, the “My First Shades” (for babies 0-24 months) glasses fit Garrett wonderfully. Even with grabby hands, he couldn’t FULLY get them off of his head and make trouble with them. However, even if he did, there are NO small parts that could break off and become a choking hazard. None. And this makes me happy.

My First Shades

Garrett has never worn sunglasses or anything around his head like this before (except for the mask he wore when he was being treated under the lights for jaundice, but that was a long time ago!) but he was not upset or bothered by these glasses. He couldn’t tell me, obviously, but they seemed quite comfortable to wear. They weren’t bulky, and there was nothing to pinch, rub, or jab into him. The strap is soft and unobtrusive.

XTreme Elements

We were also given a pair of “Xtreme Elements” glasses (for babies 0-36 months), just in case the “My First Shades” didn’t fit well. (She must have seen a photo of my kid’s giant head. Hahah. Both pairs fit great, though.) Let me tell you, these shades look COOL. Even Garrett’s dad who is far less enthusiastic about fashion and style than I am was impressed with these glasses. The biggest difference between these glasses and the “My First Shades” is that these glasses are foam backed for better fit on active children. Garrett wasn’t having it though.


Aren’t the glasses awesome at least?

I guess he liked the “My First Shades” better. (Actually, he was just tired of playing dress up.)

Real Kids Shades are not just for babies either. They have stylish and protective glasses for children ages 0-12. And one of you lovely readers are going to be able to win a pair of your own. Your choice. Just complete the rafflecopter below.

For more information about Real Kid Shades and their partnership with Prevent Blindness America, please visit the links below.





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  1. Amanda Alvarado

    I like the Flex Duo Shades 3 – 7 Years in the purple/pink!

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    I would pick the pink Flex Shades 3 – 7 Years