If you haven’t heard of SB277, you’ve most likely heard of Dr Sears. The prominent California doctor is under the gun because he chose to give a medical exemption to a child who had repeatedly had adverse reactions to vaccines.

The Medical Board of California stated that Bob Sears, M.D., committed “gross negligence” by granting a medical vaccine exemption to a toddler whose renal and digestive systems went into failure after his two-month vaccinations and who went limp for 24 hours after his three-month shots.


It is very clear that there is a much larger agenda at play here. Why would they attack such a prominent physician? The truth is very clear: they want to make other lesser-known physicians tremble at the idea of being brought up on charges for doing what’s best for their patients. If they can attack and even remove the license of a physician at the level of Dr Sears, who’s to say that physicians all over the country won’t begin forcing vaccinations on children just like this toddler in order to maintain their ability to practice?

Of course this all comes after Vaxxed, a movie about potential issues with the MMR vaccine and the highly contested SB277 were battling it out in the state of California.

Regardless of your beliefs on vaccinations, we have to agree that as humans and parents with the ability to think logically about our future and the futures of our children, that we must be able to question every medical “treatment,” refuse if we so choose and have the ability to work with physicians who can make an educated call on our children’s health without fear of repercussions.

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